New Year New You 2023, Unfolding Clarity!!


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October 18, 2022 9 min read

Written by Santima Jasper
Navigating Female Entrepreneurs Through Tough Challenges To Find Clarity In Your Business

Before you started your business you had a strong intuitive feeling that you believed in yourself to make it work no matter what. You have the skillset, the knowledge, and some customers to start off with. You’ve been dreaming of this for years and finally drummed up the courage to either quit your 9-5, promote yourself from a stay-at-home mom to a work from home mom, or to stop working on someone else’s dream for your own.

Ever since then till this very moment you feel like you have made one of the best decisions of your life every time you're reminded that you have your own business and have become a female entrepreneur, congratulations to your success now and in your future!

And with all the gratitude and appreciation, you have also gone through the ups and the downs while building your business from the ground up. You may be 1-2 years into your business and decided to start your business during the pandemic. Many of us did. And it was the best thing we could have ever done but now you may be experiencing some challenges, you may feel like your business has taken an unexpected turn and now you're unclear about the next steps to take.

Today I will help navigate you through tough challenges we face in our business and what clarity of goals and vision means covering 8 main points:

  1. How tough times never last but tough people do
  2. Why we never stop learning,
  3. 3 things that keeps us from having clarity
  4. Self and professional development
  5. What clarity of goals and vision means,
  6. The new clarity model and something special just for you
  7. How preparation gives us more opportunities. 
  8. Alignment In Your Business

“Tough Times Never Last Tough People Do” – Robert H. Schuller

You’ve educated yourself and learned so much through the process. You've experienced some of the most successful moments and You’ve gone through what seemed like your toughest days, but you still managed to get through those hard times. And now you know the phrase by the well-known Robert H. Schuller, An American Christian televangelist uses “tough times never last but tough people do.” We learn the most through the tough times and when we overcome them at times it feels like we have earned our badge which in turn makes us want to share our stories to help others overcome what seems like a hard time is rewarding in many ways.

Why We Never Stop Learning:

You’re always learning and you’re always educating yourself and sometimes it could get frustrating. You’ll never stop learning and educating yourself through life and in business so make learning and educating apart of your to do daily. But learning and educating in life and business is like a fire hose being put up to your mouth and an overload of information we don’t remember all at once.

As we learn and educate ourselves in our business, we must make sure we are specific, and laser focused on what we need or else you will find yourself learning and educating yourself on something that doesn’t have anything to do with what you started off with.

For example, and I want you to visualize yourself within this example and think about the last time you did this. 9 times out of 10 I just did this yesterday and by the way I’m sure every woman can relate. You go to the store and come out with way more than you originally went to the store for. It’s happened to literally everyone and the same thing happens when we are looking for specific information and educational material as we get distracted through all the other shiny objects, we think we can take on, but it just turns into too much. Now let’s get into the three things that keeps us from having clarity.

3 Things That Keep Us From Having Clarity:

  1. Distractions causes instability in your business. When we are distracted being committed becomes harder and harder. The task that needed to get done gets pushed back just like our not so good friend procrastination only the distractions don’t seem like their distracting us it seems like something that just needs to be taken care of. These tasks start piling up and it shows up like a never ending to do list or places you must go that do not serve you well towards where you desire to be.

  2. Overwhelm leads to overthinking it. When we are overwhelmed things start to get blurry and we become frustrated and over worked. Putting lots of overwhelming pressure on yourself to meet deadlines but then fall short of the high expectations you put on yourself. You start to forget things and it starts becoming difficult for you to concentrate on the task at hand.

  3. Information overload syndrome. We also tend to get too caught up with research while there is an overload of information there is a way to stay on track and get what you need out of the information. Be specific about what you’re researching and focus on only the information you need. This may seem hard but it’s just like building any habit for the first time.

    Self and Professional Development

    Self development and professional development is important to be working on and lots of people hire business or life coaches to help them in areas they want to strengthen. Having an expert guide, you in the path and direction your leading yourself is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Lots of top leaders have coaches in which helps and guides them towards their unique greatness.

    What Clarity of Goals and Vision Means:  

    Clarity of goals and vision means exactly what the title is. Getting a clear eye open view of your goals and vision. So why don’t more people focus on their goals and their vision in their life and business.

    Science says only 8% of people achieve their goals. And although science says only 20% of new businesses fail the first two years, 45% in the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years as you can see as the years come past people are getting off track with their goal, their vision that was once a passion backed with a strong why. Many businesses fail because they don’t have clarity of their destination, their plan, they know what they want their end goal to be but somehow, they never find their way to navigate through the end. Others may think you stop at the end and do nothing.

    With so many steps being missed during the process and journey of succeeding through one’s business and life course journey. It can be hard balancing the two. For the most part we have very busy lives and very busy in our business. You will experience and become one of the top achievers as you go back to revisit your goals to make sure you’re on track, making improvements, and receiving the transformation in the process. Now let’s get into the clarity model.

    The New Clarity Model Technique:

    The new Clarity Model is an acronym that I created. I was struggling with clarity within myself and my business. I came across the clarity acronym as I had many ideas flowing in my mind with the assistance of many books that I've read that gave me the clarity that I needed.

    First it started with journaling something that I dreaded to do. I didn't understand what that had to do with anything, but I was willing to try just about anything to get me from where I was to where I desired to be.

    Setting goals with something that I kept in my head that I then realized transferring it to paper is a whole lot easier to go back and remember and through the years would help me most was going through papers that I had wrote years ago. Business plans that came from an idea I once had. An idea that was written on paper with the plans and they were clear.

    I noticed that the problem was reflecting, revisiting, and revising. I had given up on something that was amazing all because someone told me that it wouldn't work. Well, that wasn't in the plan, but I made it a part of the plan. It made sense for me to be upset for a couple minutes but it wouldn't do me any good or change the circumstances. Days later clarity struck as I was listening to an audio on a goals master course and that had so many of our top leaders like Les Brown, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, and Jim Rohn just to name a few. I believe if it weren’t for these top leaders the clarity model would have never been made. It was through their motivating seminars that helped me coin the acronym. CLARITY in which has helped me create successful businesses I am passionate about.

    Here is the 7-letter acronym Free Document. Now you can use the same document that has helped not only me but many of our top leaders some of us are very familiar with and are great mentors.

    Get Your Free Clarity Goals Model

    As I continue to navigate and manage my business using the clarity model helps me stay on a straight track towards my destination and where I desire to be.

    I keep my clarity of goals and vision workbook that I always keep with me. It keeps me on track, it’s my roadmap, my GPS Navigation. It’s important to get your goals out of your head and onto paper.

    My workbook asks questions and takes you through steps that maybe you’ve never thought about and gets you to think of questions to ask yourself and add it on the workbook. It’s very helpful. If you don’t have one, I would strongly advise you to have at least one and tell your business friends about getting one too.

    Although I started out with the one, I created for myself I thought why not help other people get what they desire a little faster than what I did. Go grab you the Clarity of Goals and Vision Workbook and carry it around everywhere you go so that your always on the right track towards your destination.

    Words of Encouragement:

    It can be hard to stay on track with plenty of things to distract us in the world today. It is when we keep our focus is what raises us out of the disparity of distractions. We have everything from the daily news and things that we go through in our daily lives that are constant distractions. We must limit what we choose to distract us it could cost us everything we desire to have if we’re not aware.

    How Preparation Gives Us More Opportunities:

    Preparation gives us access to endless opportunities. It is when we come unprepared, we cannot see the opportunities and see them as preposterous or some crazy thing that makes no sense. Taking great opportunities from ourselves when we are not prepared.

    On our journey towards building the business of our dreams that’s going to get us out of debt, give us financial freedom and enjoy the lifestyle we desire it’s important to have a GPS that navigates us through our journey. We would never leave the house without our phones in case we need to use our GPS to get to and from our destination.

    As we should never leave our goals just lying in a large pile of dusty papers that ends up in the trash. A written goal plan provides you with the map that guides you along your destination. It helps you to see the path created and along that path comes short cuts and opportunities you get to see. It’s so amazing it almost seems magical or too good to be true but it’s all your hard work along with focus and aim. Is why our next step has everything to do with alignment.

    Alignment In Your Business:

    As you continue to navigate through clarity and focus, things start to come in alignment. Your goals become clearer as you continue to reflect, revisit, and revise your steps. Your efforts start to form, and you start to see your efforts form into an alignment. You're functionality, your framework, your system, and your efforts play a huge role in the alignment you need to keep your dream, your ideas, your goals, and vision alive within yourself. You start to attract the things you want and desire. As we all know the law of attraction if we think and do most of what we focus on things start to eventually work in our favor.


    Today I helped navigate you through tough challenges we face in our business and what clarity of goals and vision means covering 8 main points:

    1. How tough times never last tough people do 
    2. Why we never stop learning,
    3. 3 things that keeps us from having clarity
    4. Self and professional development
    5. What clarity of goals and vision means,
    6. The new clarity model and something special just for you
    7. How preparation gives us more
    8. Alignment In Your Business

    The challenges may be tough but I’m confident that if you follow the clarity technique you will begin to have the clarity you desire to have in your business.

    Clarity of goals and vision helps female entrepreneurs who are unclear, lose sleep at night, and are overwhelmed in their business. We focus on Clarity, Focus, and Alignment to achieve the results you desire. Do you lack clarity in your business your passionate about? In what ways can Clarity of Goals and Vision further help you?