New Year New You 2023, Unfolding Clarity!!


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About Me

Guiding Female Entrepreneurs Through Life and Business

I’m a wife and a mother of three—this means, undoubtedly, my life is built on clarity and planning. I’m originally from Staten Island, New York, and I grew up in Orlando, Florida. Currently, I live in Lake County where I thrive on being a business coach and life coach, connecting with others, and building relationships with passionate female entrepreneurs.


A lack of clarity defined my early days as an entrepreneur. Once I reoriented my vision through clarity and purpose, I stood proud as a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated field. You can do this too!


For nearly 10 years I built my knowledge, expertise, and business acumen in the home improvement and renovation industry. It crushed me to meet not only adversity but also rejection in the place I had built my business around. Those challenges have led me here, however.


I’ve grown so much since I began, guided by my love of learning and an ongoing search for knowledge. I believe we are all continually learning and teaching, simultaneously, and when I realized this, I saw how I could help others.


Teaching other talented, determined top female entrepreneurs became my daily mission. I’m now the author of Clarity of Goals and Vision,a book built on the principles and techniques you will use to go exactly where you wish to be. This, along with my three clarity-guided techniques, are lessons I teach and learn from daily.

Learn to Excel

Santima came from a background where dreams were too far, impossible, and less of a thought. Life was about surviving and just getting by. There was no stability, clarity, focus, or alignment, in her life. For the first few years of starting business she was in for a rollercoaster ride that made her think twice about going back to corporate on several occasions. She didn’t believe or trust in her professional skill sets and capabilities due to doubt, uncertainty, and lack of clarity. She became a female entrepreneur in a male dominant field, Santima built her knowledge and expertise from scratch in the Home Improvement, Home Renovation Industry for over 9 years. Without any prior experience in her current field she worked hard to build the components of the business from scratch on the front and backend. She would later discover that she wasn’t accepted in the industry she grew passion for. Through the face of adversity Santima kept her confidence and learned how to work in a space that was mostly male dominant. She would eventually explore new opportunities and grow beyond her own limitations by investing in Business courses, books, mentors, and watched top leaders strategically. Santima saw how she could become a helpful source for other female entrepreneurs. She discovered what would be her dream, her passion, to help female entrepreneurs start and grow their business with clarity getting from where you are now to where you desire to be in your life and business. Santima became a visionary, author, and a business leader. She saw the difference she could make to impact the lives of other women entrepreneurs in their lives and business. 


Santima’s first work book has been in the hands of investors, business leaders, high performing women in their career fields, non profit foundations and graduates. 


Santima is on a mission to impact female entrepreneurs all over the globe to be in rooms that can help make a difference and grow the 22.4% of female small business owners as of today. She is always a student in her field and will continue to learn, seek more knowledge, and share what she discovers to be the change she wants to see in the world. She enjoys learning new techniques and building new simple and effortless effective systems that help bring dreams and vision to reality. 


Originally from Staten Island, New York, Santima grew up in Orlando, Florida and currently resides in Lake County, Florida just minutes away from the biggest retirement community in the world The Villages, Fl. She truly enjoys the journey of business, connecting, and building relationships with other like minded female entrepreneurs. On her personal time she enjoys spending time with her family and prefers to spend them on adventurous vacations, beaches, learning history, and enjoying arts and sculptures. Santima is a wife and mom of 3.



When you let go of the things that put limitations on you the dead weight lifts itself off of you and you become even more clear and authentic to your most truest desirable self. 

- Santima Jasper